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Excursions from our hotel to the Valley of the Temples and all the monuments in Agrigento Province Stay in Hotel in Agrigento Séjour romantique dans la Vallée des Temples en hôtel à Agrigente
b&b-hotel in Agrigento confortable et avec la vue des tous le temples

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I servizi dell'hotel nel parco archeologico Valle dei Templi

Servizi da hotel in un'atmosfera cordiale solo a Camera con Vista ad Agrigento

Il bar dell'hotel Camera con Vista ad Agrigento

Il bar dell'hotel vi permetterà di gustare un drink con la vista dei templi di Agrigento

Hotel a soli 500 metri dal Tempio della Concordia di Agrigento

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Le bar de l'hôtel pour boire un apéritif avec la vue des temples d'Agrigente

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"….In front of the magnificent Temple of Concord, still intact, aerial like on the high ridge with its majestic peristyle overlooking the view of the wood of almond and olive trees, from there to the view of the St. Gregory plain, furrowed by the Acragas river, and then to the endless sea, dark blue in the background …at the side the peaks of the colossal cypresses vibrating amongst almonds and olives like a vigilant army on guard of the ancient Temple…"

Pirandello " The turn "

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