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Good deal hotel-rooms in Sicily in the Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

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All the rooms have a beautiful view of the Temples

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Comfortable and spacious rooms with Temples and ocean view. Balconies overlooking both the Mediterranean Sea and the ancient Greek Temples.
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Very nice six rooms hotel, cosy and warm. Friendly front desk ant lots of archaeological information

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Dormez tranquille dans la Vallee des Temples de Agrigente, la maison s'occupe de tout

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toutes les chambres de ce hôtel offrent en spectacle sujestif avec la vue sur les temples de Agrigente

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Préparez votre séjour en Sicile et reservez votre hôtel à Agrigente et dans la Vallée des Temples
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Hôtel pour vivre un émotion inoubliable avec la vue magnifique des tous les Temples de Agrigente en Sicile
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Camera con Vista

Valle dei Templi - Contrada Bennici - 92100 Agrigento

tel./fax +39 0922 554605

Por, +39 3895526889- + 39 3290640209

Hotel in the valley of Agrigento

Hotel with a view

Your holiday begins here.....

" ..… beyond the wood, on the long high ridge, the surviving Temples arose, and seemed to be set intentionally at a distance, to enhance the beautiful view from the villa …" 

L. Pirandello " The Old and the Young"

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Hotel dans la Vallée des Temples de Agrigente
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